How do I enter adviser fees in Setup?

When setting up your CCD system, one important factor to consider is how much of any commission will be allocated to your advisers. Please read the knowledgebase article titled Managing income – Setting up your system for further details of how any splits will be applied.

To record the split amount for each adviser, from the Main Menu click on Setup on the left, followed by the Staff list sub option. Select your adviser from the list of staff members, go into the Financial tab and then the Commission splits tab:

Here you can add a default commission split which will pull through for all business done. However, should the adviser get paid different amounts depending on the type of business they are writing, you can now add new commission splits by clicking on: Add new commission type:

You will have the following screen which will allow you to enter the commission split the adviser will be paid. Once this is setup, when adding commission splits it will automatically pull through the correct commission split for this piece of business: