How do I setup a hourly charge?

CCD is capable of recording exactly how much time you spend on each client. This in turn can be used to assess the profitability of a client or a particular piece of business.

In order to place a monetary value on the amount of time you spend it is necessary to assign an hourly charge for each member of staff. This figure may vary according to experience or even demographically.

From the Main Menu choose Setup > Staff list. Now select the staff member and within the Hourly charge box type in the figure you wish to charge for their time.

You will notice that there is also an Hourly cost box. This is used to record the cost to the business of employing that member of staff. This may include things such as their salary, any benefits they receive or even a share of the running costs of the business (rent, electricity etc).

Please Note: Giving staff members access to the Setup area will give them access to see this information for all staff members.