How do I setup Adviser payaway defaults?

Once you have set the company's global commission defaults you will need to set each individual adviser's commission splits. Firstly set the default % commission split within Setup > Staff List.

Once the default split has been set it is possible to add other % splits, depending on the type of commission being recorded.
In Financial > Commission Splits on the adviser record, different % splits can be added for each type of commission recorded. To add a new % split select the type of commission from the drop down and click onto the link Add new commission type.

The type of commission will now show in the table, add the % split in the Split % column.  (Percentages are added as 0.25 = 25%).

To add further commission splits repeat this process. When adding a piece of commission to a policy the % split specified for that type of commission will be applied. If no % splits has been specified for a type of commission then the adviser default commission split will be applied.