How do I setup document filing?

Document filing enables you to link from several scanned document areas in CCD to your operating system folders.

To set this as your default document filing solution, navigate to Setup > Technical > Software and select Operating System Folders from the Document Management options:

Scanned documents sections are available from several areas, detailed in the table below:

All of the sections work in the same way, allowing you to add, update or delete a link to the appropriate Operating System Folder. When your cursor is held over the each folder option, it will provide an explanation of the function:

To add a link to the Operating System Folder, navigate to the relevant Scanned document section and click on the middle option to Select documents folder. This will present you with a screen which allows you to browse to the relevant folder. Select the folder you wish to link to and click OK:

This will add the folder location to your record within CCD:

To open to the folder you have added a link to, click on the top option to Open documents folder. This will take you to the relevant folder and allow you to view the documents held within the folder:

To clear the link to the folder you have added, click on the bottom option to Clear documents folder location. This will prompt you to confirm you wish to remove the folder link:

To proceed, click Yes and the link to the folder location will be removed for this record:

To link to a new folder location, follow the instructions to add a link using the option Select documents folder.

This process would be repeated for each record you wish to link to an Operating System Folder.

Important points

Moving documents

If you move the position of your Operating System Folders, you will need to update the links within CCD.

Quay Document Manager

The legacy Quay Document Manager system is not available in CCD 4.50. For existing users of this service, an automated process to populate the links within CCD and copy the documents to a logical folder structure will be managed as part of the upgrade routine. Please ensure you flag the use of Quay Document Manager when you request an upgrade.