How do I setup standard auto text?

An Auto-text entry is a line or paragraph of text, which is used regularly. Instead of manually typing the text each time, it can be recorded as a standard in the system and then added, as required, to your letter.

To set-up a new auto-text entry, from the Main Menu click on Setup followed by Standard text on the left:

Now choose the Auto-text tab at the top of your screen. You will be presented with a list of any existing entries. To avoid duplication, it is a good idea to check that it does not already exist prior to adding it.

Once you are satisfied that your entry does not already exist, click on + Add record in the top right of your screen. Confirm that you wish to create a new entry and record the type of entry you are making. This could be an opening paragraph, closing paragraph, relate to a holding or a piece of advice.

For example, you may wish to record a standard paragraph explaining how you would classify a cautious investor. In this case you would record auto text – advice. Type in a description of the text, this should be generic and clearly describe the content of the text. In this example you might enter cautious investor. You are now able to type the contents of the paragraph(s) in the auto – text box.