How do I setup standard letters?

CCD is capable of preparing standard communication to clients, product providers or introducers. This may be to submit new business or to send policy documents to your clients.

To prepare a standard letter, from the Main Menu, click on Setup on the left and then choose the Standard text sub option:

You will now be presented with any existing standard letters in your system. Should you wish to view a letter, select it from the list. You will be shown the basis on which it was created and to view the text of the letter, click on the Letter text tab at the top of the screen.

To amend the letter, simply alter the text as required.

To create a new letter, click on + Add record in the top right of your screen and confirm that you wish to add a new standard text. The system now needs to know some basic details of this letter to understand when and how it will be displayed.

In the Communication Type box you should select Letter to identify that it is a letter you wish to prepare. Next you need to categorise the letter. Here we will create a standard letter to acknowledge receipt of an application form from your client. Therefore, we will record the category as acknowledgement.

If the letter was a suitability letter then you should enter the product to which it would relate. As this is not a suitability letter then we do not need to record any details in this area. Next we need to record the description, this is how the letter will be identified in a list.

The description needs to be generic and clearly identify what the letter is about. So, here we might record "acknowledge receipt of application form to client". It would be of no use to record letter to client 1, letter to client 2 etc as you would have no idea as to the content of the letters.

The next box is for letter title, this is the text that will make up the first line of the letter. So, it would start...

Dear Mr. & Mrs. XYZ

Re: the contents of the letter title box displayed here

If you wish to have a title to your letter then enter it accordingly. Lastly, you are able to record the author of the letter, which may be of use in larger firms or to control the compliance side of any letters produced.

Click on Create / modify letter text using Link Message Maker at the bottom of your screen. You can enter the body text on this screen, either by typing manually or copying and pasting from an existing document. You do not need to record details of the clients name and address or leave space for this to be entered, as this will automatically be merged by the system. You are purely concentrating here on the content of the letter.

Please note: however the Standard Text area will not automatically insert page breaks. You must manually break large bodies of text by clicking on the page number at the top of the screen at appropriate intervals. If you are copying and pasting information, do so 1 page at a time to ensure a correct layout.

It is possible to merge client specific data into your letter. In our example we might wish to merge details of the plan the client is arranging or the product provider concerned. To use information from the CCD System, select one of the merge options from the drop down list in the grey column on the right. Start by selecting the area of the system the data is contained from the white box at the top of the column, for our example we would need to select merge – policy.

When you select an area to merge details from, the fields available will be displayed in the grey column. To include the field coding, simply click on the text of the data you wish to include. This will automaticalled paste the field name into the standard letter and you can move accordingly using cut and paste.  

Please note: the field name will appear between chevron marks and should not be changed.

In our example our sentence might read...

‘Thank you for your recent application for a <> with <>’.

The sentence when merged would become...

‘Thank you for your recent application for a Personal Pension with Standard Life’

Once you have completed your letter click on Return to Setup in the bottom left of your screen.