I'm getting an error when outputting to MS Word?

Firstly, please check that you are able to use Word outside of CCD. If you are unable do this, you will need to speak to your IT company to resolve the problem.
If you can, then please follow the steps below to try and resolve this. From the front screen of CCD please click on Setup and then Technical.

From the Word processing tab click on Configure setup for MS word which is located at the bottom of the page.
A Word Exporter Configuration window will open. This will show you the paths to the Template file and the Document store.  
If the error is in relation to opening up the template file, then copy the Template file path and run this, ensure that it opens correctly and that everything is ok.
If you get an error when retrieving a document, copy the Document store path and run this. This error may occur when your documents are stored on a server, rather than on your local computer and the path is incorrect.  
If everything seems to be correct with the paths, please log a call with the support team who will try to resolve your issue.