Where can I add provider contact details?

The system provides you with the ability to record your own contacts in a provider record.

The database of providers can be located from the Main menu by clicking on Setup and then by choosing the Providers option on the left. The providers are displayed according to the first letter of the company name:

You can view further details of any particular provider by amending the Providers beginning with letter… box at the top. Click on your chosen provider and you will be presented with an overview screen displaying the main contact details and a summary at the bottom of any additional contacts recorded.

You may amend the main contact page as you require. This will then be the default address that any correspondence to this provider will be sent.

It may be that you liaise with more than one person in connection with this provider. You may have a contact for commission payments, another for compliance,  another for general administration. Each of these contacts may be recorded for future reference:

At the bottom of the screen there is an option for + Add contact - click on this to add another contact. Complete the details as required, making sure you record in what context this person may be contacted in the contact for box, from the dropdown menu. In your history bar at the top in blue you may now click on main contact and you will see that this contact has been added at the bottom, in grey. You may continue to add as many contacts as you require.