Staff List

When setting up records, it is important that you complete a staff record for EACH member of staff who will use CCD.  The unique staff reference allocated at this stage will be used to identify the staff member throughout CCD and should not be amended at any time.  The staff reference should contain the same number of characters for each individual.  They can be used for searching, therefore care must be taken.

Ensure that all the ‘red’ fields are completed.  Make a note of the staff reference as this will be required when signing into CCD.   Once all information has been added, click on the “padlock” to set the password to the system default.  The member of staff will then be asked to change this to a password of their choice at first sign in.  The remuneration split box only becomes live when the staff member is marked as an adviser and should be entered as a decimal value.  As with all percentage fields in CCD 10% is added as 0.10.

If you intend to use the facility to record time  for clients then the ‘Hourly Charge’ and “Hourly Cost” needs to be completed for ALL staff.  For Advisers, both the ‘Admin Hourly Charge’ and the ‘Advice Hourly Charge’ need to be completed.  This will enable Advisers to record different amounts for undertaking either advice or admin work.

If you have multiple locations set up in CCD, you will need to assign advisers to the location that they will be working from.  This is completed within the ‘Locations’ tab below.

The Security tab can only be accessed by the systems administrator and needs to be completed to allocate user rights, passwords and access rights as required.  This section will already have been covered with the system administrator and you should refer to your administrator for further information.

If you have an active Advanced Security licence, only a Manager role can access the security tab.

Security in CCD is set on 3 different levels.  Level 1 & 2 are part of the core system while level 3 is through the additional Advanced Security module. Advance security is available at no extra cost, if you require this licence then please contact our support team on 0800 028 0033.

Level 1 - User Identification – User rights.- there are 3 levels of user rights and the systems administrator will have set these as part of setting up a new staff member

Level 2 – Management Access – the 3 levels of management access will default to no set up and the systems administrator will need to grant access to each area on a case by case basis. 

Level 3 – Access Permission Granted – this is the advanced security module and requires an additional licence before it can be used. The access permission may or may not reflect the staff members’ actual role (a member of staff may actually be an adviser but for access permission is entered on the advanced security system as an administrator) below is a table of the access permissions available within Advanced Security.

Access role (for advanced security purposes)

Level of Access


Access all areas it is recommended that at least 2 members of staff have manager access as this is the only level that can access the security tab on a staff record and amend a user’s security settings. 


Access all areas apart from the security tab on a staff record. 


Access to the whole of the system apart from the compliance module and the security settings on a staff record – Management access (level 2) needs to be granted to each staff member as required. 


Only has access to clients and reports where they are the lead adviser. 

Branch Administrator 

Only has access to the clients of a branch that they are the administrator for (can be administrator for multiple branches but would only see each branches information in isolation). Management information reports available to a branch administrator are restricted in number and content.

Service Manager 

Only has access to clients that they are listed as the service manager for.