System Setup Wizard

Once the licences have been loaded you will be taken to the system setup wizard. You will need to go through each section completing the details as required.

Complete as many of the above details as possible. It will be possible to add any missing information at a later date. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

The bank details for Standing Order also pull through onto Invoices for client fees, giving the client the option of crediting your account or paying by cheque.

You can store your company and regulator logos here, these will then display on reports and illustrations generated from CCD.  If you do not have them to add at this point, it can be done later from within Setup>User Info>Brand. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

If you are a member of a Network, the details need to be entered here. If you have a network deduction from any commission, ensure the percentage is added.  This will then become the default on all commissions. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

The next section to complete is the Staff List. CCD will automatically open up this section, showing the administrator’s details. 

Enter the forename and surname of the system administrator, CCD will then allocate a Login ID based on the surname and forename. This Login ID will also be the staff reference used throughout the CCD system. The password will default to the system default (password). On the next Login the user will be asked to change their password to one of their choice. 

For additional staff the system will not allocate a Login ID. The system administrator must allocate a Login ID and it is recommended that each ID is 3 characters and must be unique as this will be used throughout CCD and will be used by staff members to login. Click Next to continue.

Not all the staff records need to be set up here, you may wish to add the administrator in and then set the rest up from within Setup > Staff List as explained later in this guide.

On the ‘Installed Software’ screen, select your document management system from the drop down and enter any user name and passwords below. If you have not purchased a document manager, the system will default to the Capita Financial Software Ltd Document Manager (known as Quay Image Library). Click Next to continue.

If you have a Modular Website provided by Capita Financial Software, enter the appropriate details on the ‘Your Web site’ screen. If you do not have this product, click Next to continue.

Ensure you read the backup details and select the blue link to find out what files need to be backed up. Click Next to continue.