Tax Tables instructions for version 3.3.3 or below 2017-2018

The first step in adding the 2017 tax record to Client Care Desktop (CCD) is to save the excel spreadsheet ‘Tax Tables_2017_2018’ to your desktop as you will need to import this file into your system.

To import the 2017/18 tax record into CCD, navigate to Setup > Tables:

Click on any tax table in the list, you will see the following screen:

From the top menu, click on File > Import Records > File, and navigate to the excel spreadsheet you previously saved on the desktop, select and click Open.

You will be presented with the following screen:

Select Field Names and then click OK.

Choose Add new records and View by matching names then click Import:

Leave Perform auto-enter options unticked and click OK:

Your new 2017 tax record will now be imported into the Client Care Desktop system as follows: