The Setup Module

The Setup module is where in CCD all the setup of the system is done, from adding new staff members to recording standard letters.

Click on Setup from the main menu:

The first thing to be done, is to record the User Info.  This includes any branches, logos etc.  The User Info area looks like this:

Some of this information may have been set up via the System Setup Wizard.  However, it is still worth checking through this area to ensure all relevant fields are completed.  For those of you using the Compliance Module and the reports to assist with the completion of RMAR, you will need to input Charging Structures and T&C Advice Types

Charging Structures

This page should be completed with information about minimum and maximum charges for Independent and/or restricted advice.  Use the +Add record button to add in the information button:

Add in the relevant information:

T&C Advice types

Use the +Add record button to confirm what type of advice your company gives for the Advice categories:

Click Save once recorded.