Truth Export

This article explains where you will find the links from CCD to Truth and also confirms what information can be transferred from CCD.

Integration with Truth can be found via research in the Enquiry section of the Clients module or from the Research section of Fact Find. There is also the ability to upload information to Truth from the Data upload section of the Clients module.

Starting with the Enquiry section, which can be found within Holdings > Enquiries > Research:

Within Clients navigate to Data upload:

Finally, the integration can be found in the Fact Find module.  Navigate to Analysis > Research:

The information that can be transferred from CCD to Truth is:

- Client Reference and client title, forename & surname 
- Home, work and mobile telephone numbers also fax number and email address
- Number NI Number
- Client health details, gender, smoker status and date of birth
- Marital status and dependants
- Expenditure details
- Solicitor, Accountant, Doctor
- Salutation Holding and fund information

The files will be generated in the C:\Link\Data\In folder: