CCD Long-Term Licence FileMaker updates required

This document will explain the various Client Care Desktop (CCD) configurations you can have, where each component sits within those scenarios and the action you need to take in order to access the CCD long-term system utilising FileMaker 15.

All CCD long-term licence installations will require your own FileMaker Pro 15 and FileMaker Server 15 licences.  FileMaker licences supplied by Synaptic Software will need to be uninstalled by 23:59 on the 31 December 2019.

We recommend that the tasks are performed by personnel who have a good understanding of your infrastructure, such as an internal or external IT department. 

Prior to installing or uninstalling any software please ensure you have;

  • Read this guide fully
  • Determined the setup configuration relevant to your installation
  • Read the CCD Remote Desktop Access document if using CCD via RDP or Citrix
  • Have your installation media and licence details to hand


FileMaker version 15 is required to run the CCD Long-Term licence.  If a later FileMaker version is purchased, CCD will not operate correctly or in the expected way. You will need to purchase licences direct from FileMaker;

Support for FileMaker 15 runs to 20 September 2019, after which time this version is no longer supported by FileMaker and therefore considered to be out of date software. 

It is expected that the CCD Long-Term licence will be used for reference only and a new CRM product will be used to support and run your business.

CCD Setup for Long Term-Licence.pdf