Simple Data Extract

The Simple Data Extract can be found under the Setup> Technical> Applications> Extracts.

This extract will take all Client, Policy and Premium data for a specific adviser into three spreadsheets.

You will need to select an Adviser from the dropdown box:

Once the Adviser has been selected, you will get a tally of the total amount of records held within the Clients, Contracts and Premium databases:

Select I> Generate Simple data extract:

You will now get a message for each database spreadsheet:

Select the save location on your PC, Enter the File name, making sure you add the name of the adviser and include 'Client Extract' within the name. Set the 'Save As Type' as Excel Workbooks (*.xlsx).

Click 'Save'

Click 'OK' to the next message:

Once done, it has automatically saved to the location set above.

Now the first file has been created, you will get a second pop-up for Policy data:

You will need to follow the same steps as the client extract above. Make sure you set the file name to the Adviser name and 'Policy Extract'. 

Once the Policy data spreadsheet has been extracted and saved, you will get a final message for the premium data:

Save the file with the Adviser name and mention 'Premium Extract' - this will make it easier to differentiate between the spreadsheets: