Using browse and find options

At the top of the screen on the main FileMaker menu bar select the Data option.

This option can be used to change the screen you are on into a “Find” mode if needed.   Browse mode is the default mode for CCD allowing you to view, add or make amendments to the information on the screen. 

The “Find” mode however will change the screen you are in to a search screen similar to the basic client search, however this facility is available in nearly all of the CCD screens allowing you to conduct searches in many different places, and especially where the   button is not available.

Searches can now be made by provider, product type, product category, policy number or any of the other fields available. 

This option will not automatically present you with a list but will display one of the records in the found set. There are 2 ways to view all the found records. The first is to click onto the icon at the top of the screen for the list view.

This will display a list of all the records that match the criteria with the option to switch straight to a marketing campaign.

You can then select individual records for view from the list presented. 

The second way to view records in a found set is to use the “microwave” on the bottom menu bar.