Using the Message Maker to setup Standard Letters

The advantages of using the Message Maker function in CCD are that information already entered on the client’s or a holding’s file can be inserted into a standard letter, individually tailoring standard letters.

This will take you to the Message Maker screens.

Draft a copy of the letter that you want to save with merge fields, so that you can decide which fields and where they are required. This is a letter to confirm to the customer that you have received their application form for a mortgage. 

The words in italics are the merge fields.

The first part of the letter is the title line, look at the information that you want to pull from the main CCD system and look down the list of merge files available to decide where this information will be stored. We want the provider name and product type. This information will be held in “policy” merge file. Select ‘Merge-Policy' and then the merge fields available will show below the merge file name.

Locate the merge field that you require (in this case it is the ‘Product Provider’) and click into the yellow/gold arrow to the right of the field name. Then place your cursor in the title line where you want the merge field inserted and right click and ‘Paste unformatted text’.

We now require the product name, so repeat this process and then manually type ‘application’ after the 2nd merge field has been added.

Now we have completed the title line, the body of the letter can be typed in. Remember there is no need to type or leave space for the name, address, date and salutation, CCD will insert this information automatically. 

To insert a merge field in a letter as you type, unlike the title bar, there is no need to copy and paste the merge field, as you reach the place in the letter where the merge field is required just click onto the merge field name from the right hand drop down and it will place it in the letter where your curser currently is, and you can continue to type.

This letter will now be saved and is available for selection. Don’t forget there is a Spell Checker underneath the merge items on the right of the page.

The final way of setting up a standard letter is where you may have a Word document saved with blank spaces that require information to be typed in. These letters can be copied and pasted into CCD and “merge fields” can then be inserted into the letter.