Using the 'Symbols' search

Combining both the records menu and the find facility will give you greater options when it comes to searching for data in your system. When you are in a CCD screen, open up the margin using the ‘Microwave’ and change to ‘Find’ mode.

These symbols can be entered by simply clicking on the relevant box in CCD and then either click on the character on the list or you can free type the character from your keyboard. 

By ticking the omit option in the upper margin you will reverse the effect of the search i.e. search for everything except the criteria I have entered.

The example below shows how these additional characters could be used on the holdings screen. 

The search criteria are all Skandia personal policies where the application is dated after 01/01/1990:

The information is then returned. If the menu does not appear automatically to show how many plans met these criteria, don’t forget the ‘microwave’ button.

Care does need to be taken when using the symbols as you may get unexpected results. Remember that where you specify certain criteria the system will take this as literally correct. 

If you were looking for clients where the telephone number is blank then using the character ‘*’ (zero or more characters) will not work. This would have the effect of searching your system for every telephone number field that contained at least 1 numeric character in it. If however you searched, for example, the telephone number field with the symbol ‘==’ (this is two ‘=’), it is used to find all records where the specific field does not contain any data that this symbol is used for in the search.