Using Trackers/Workflows

Once a tracker has been created on your system it will be available to use in either the client work module or the holding task module. 

As the tracker we have created is linked to a piece of new business we will look at how this is added in the tasks section of a holding.

Once you are happy that the tracker selected is the tracker required click the .

Return to the main task list for the holding. 

 Each task in the tracker has been added to the holdings task list as an individual task, they are all at this stage outstanding. You can now go into each task and reset the person required to complete it from the staff drop down list as required.  

Each task will appear in the diary of CCD in the normal manner and each task needs to be individually completed.

The progress of trackers can be followed in two ways. 

1. On the Task groups tab of the holdings task section.

2. The other way is from the diary section in the Admin module

Adding a tracker to a work item rather than a task is performed in the same way although the initial screens vary slightly.