What do all the tabs mean in the receipt?

To reconcile the message click onto the message and this will take you into the commission data manager screen. There are four Tabs in the Commission data manager .

  • Receipt
  • Transactions
  • Exceptions
  • Allocated

Receipt - Complete all of the red fields this is like recording your receipt in the manual commissions area of CCD.  This will also display the total value, number of transaction, the number that have auto reconciled (no exceptions) and the number of exceptions that require some action to be taken.

Transactions – All of the received transactions are shown here any that have not auto reconciled will have a red dot. You can put this into alphabetical order by client by clicking on the button next to client in the heading.

Exceptions – This is where all of the transactions that have not been auto reconciled or fall outside of tolerances will be listed. If you require a printed statement to work on use the create a printable report at the bottom of the page.

Allocated – This will list all of the items that have auto reconciled or where the method of reconciliation was set to manual.  Again this list can be printed at the bottom of the page.You can use the filter at the top of the page to look at each method of reconciliation separately. It is recommended that you look at the initial soundex and soundex  reconciliation to ensure the correct client/policy has been selected. If not you can unreconcile at this stage and treat as an exception.