What information do you need to complete in the Holdings> Administration area?

Within a Clients > Holdings record, you have an administration area. This is found by going to Clients > Holdings, selecting the relevant holding and clicking on the Administration section.
You have four sections here; Administration, Cessation, Case Source and Contract No.

The Administration tab allows you to complete basic information on the proposal. Please ensure that you click on the link at the bottom Complete admin. checklist when you have finished this section.

The Cessation tab allows you to record details if the contract/policy is no longer proceeding or not in force. You can also print a Lapse/Cancellation form by clicking on the link at the bottom Create a lapse form.
Under the Case Source tab, you can complete your business source details. You also have the ability to produce an admin checklist. This report can be produced by clicking on the Create a printable case summary for the client file link at the bottom of the page.
The Contract No. tab contains information to be completed once the contract/policy has an effective date. This is an important area, as you should log when the contract/policy has been issued. Once you have completed this area in full, you will also need to click on the link at the bottom of this page Complete contract checklist, as this will take this contract off of your new business chaser list.
The new business chaser list can be accessed from the front screen of CCD via Admin > New business or Admin then click on link Incomplete New Business records.