Where can I manage the new business checklists?

This article will explain how CCD can help with the new business process, from tracking facilities and automation of diary entries, to highlighting minimum requirements for compliance purposes.

Every holding that is added on CCD as new business will automatically create a new business checklist. These checklists will remain as outstanding until you have marked all the relevant areas as being completed.

Admin > New business maintains a centralised list of all the outstanding new business checklists:

This centralised log of all new business outstanding helps the new business administration be maintained without the need to continuously find clients and policy records.The outstanding new business checklists can be filtered by using the filtering fields at the bottom of the screen.

A blue square to the right of the checklist indicates that the checklist is nearly completed and just one field at the bottom of the checklist has been missed.  To complete all of those checklists with a blue square, use the Process complete new business records.  This will add a missed date to all those records.

Select the new business checklist you wish to complete and update as required. Once completed it will be removed from the outstanding list.  Please see article 'Holdings - administration checklist' for further information on completing the checklist.