Work and Tasks

Work is added at client level and ‘Tasks’ are added at holding level. This is the only difference between them.  The method for adding a work or task record is exactly the same for both items, the only difference is the work is linked to the client and therefore can only be viewed at client level while a task is linked to a holding and therefore as the holding is linked to the client, a task record can be viewed at both holding and client level.

Work/Task records can be diary notes for items to do in the future, a record of items completed a record of a conversation with a client/provider, a record of correspondence sent to/from a client/provider, a record of time to be billed to a client or a combination of the above.

To add a letter to the task, select ‘Message’ from the left hand menu:

When using Message Maker you can select a pre saved letter from standard text or create a letter using merge fields to pull information already input into CCD into the letter:

This shows a letter using the merge field’s facility in CCD. How to create and save letters is covered in the Advanced CCD and Administration Training Course for further information please contact our Client Care Team on 0800 028 0033.

When the letter is complete, select ‘Generate letter’ at the bottom of the screen, complete any missing data fields and then output to MS Word and print.  MS auto saves the letter in the document store specified in the Setup module and Technical.  A link is created between the work record and the word document to enable viewing in the future.

This letter can be output to MS Word.

The last option in work and task is ACCOUNT. This is where you can turn the clock on and off in order to create chargeable time records for the client: