In the example below, two different products have been selected for purchase, as indicated by the number “2” in the oval icon next to “Apply”. By clicking in the Apply area on the left, it becomes highlighted, and the summary screen confirms the products which have been selected.

To view additional information at this point in the application process, you can view the Variation, Documents, Notes and Commission within the Info column. To go ahead and apply for a product, click on the Apply button in the Action column.

The box displays any important notes from the providers about this product and the application process for it – please read these notes carefully. Use the scroll bar on the right of the box to navigate the contents. You may download relevant documents from here by using the clickable links – documents may be printed or stored locally on your PC if required. As part of the compliance process please click in the small white box to confirm that you have read the associated documents. Then click Continue.

At this stage, all work has been completed in the quotation process, and the next step is to apply for the product either on-line, using the selected provider’s extranet facility or on paper. If multiple products are being brought, they must be applied for one at a time.

Once the extranet login screen for the provider has appeared. You may login using your provider logon credentials and apply for the product. Note that Webline will automatically pre-populate some of the client and product data directly into the extranet forms for you – how much is completed is dictated by the provider’s IT environment.

Once the application has been completed and submitted via the extranet or a paper application form, close the window and navigate back to Webline.

For some products a paper application form will need to be completed. When the Apply button is clicked, the paper application will be uploaded for you to print. 

For some products that can be applied for electronically, click the Apply button and an extranet window will open to apply for the plan. Complete the application, when you return to this page the action will have changed to In Progress.