Can I create new research based on existing research?

You can use old research as a template for starting new research. There are two slightly different ways of doing this: creating a copy of the old research, and importing the old research into new research.

Copying old research

You can create a copy of an old piece of research in two ways:

  •  Find the research on the recent tab of the home page, and click on the Copy link next to it.
  • Open the old research, and click on the Copy link in its menu bar.

New research is created from the old research, containing all the same client details, filtering, manual exclusions of contracts, ranking etc.

Importing old research

Alternatively, you can create blank new research in the usual way, and then import the filtering and manual exclusions from old research into the new research. This lets you combine the filters from multiple pieces of research into a single new piece of research.