How do I filter on Statistics?

The Stats tab lists a variety of statistics about contracts - financial strength, investment flexibility in terms of linked funds and sectors, plus charges and premium information about contracts (all dependent on the type of product). For example it may include projected maturity and surrender values.

For each field you can enter a value and choose whether to filter on 'equal to that exact value' (=), 'less than or equal to that value' (>=) or 'more than or equal to that value' (<=):

In the example above, the list of contracts has been filtered on AKG financial strength rating of at least 3 and a projected maturity value of at least £70,000 for a £10,000 lump sum contribution retiring at 65.

You may find it useful when using Stats to filter on to add the column into the grid and view the different results for each of the products.  This might help to give you an idea of what result you should be searching on.