Apply Basket - Send to my Email

You can send details of products in your Apply basket to your email address. This allows you to quickly link through to the Synaptic Webline Apply basket, or apply for each product directly from the email without logging in.

Click 'Send to my Email' at the bottom left of the screen:

This will confirm the email has been sent to the email on your account:

If an email address is not set within your account details, you will receive the below message. You will need to enter your email address and check your email for a link to complete the verification process. This link will expire in 15 days:

Note : You are able to opt out of this option within the settings of Synaptic Webline Annuities -  Users> Manage> Edit Your Details>Opt out.

The below screenshot shows an example of the email you will receive.

You are able to click the button 'Return to Webline Apply Page' to open the Synaptic Webline Apply basket. Alternatively, if you are ready to apply, click on 'Apply Now' under each quote in the email to apply direct.

Click the  'Return to Webline Apply Page' to open your Synaptic Webline Apply basket:

If you are not logged into Webline, login:

This will take you straight into your Apply basket:

If you would prefer to apply directly from the email, review the documents and if you are happy to proceed, click 'Apply Now':

This will open the providers website, with all the quote details ready to apply.