Where can I find Special offers?

A list of all current special offers is available from the   Resource Centre. (If your firm has paid for access to the special offer data,   but not the Resource Centre, then the link to the special offers page is   instead displayed on the menu bar of the home page.)This special-offers page is illustrated by the screenshot   below. The current special offers can be listed either by company, or by   product type, using the drop-down list at the top of the left-hand pane. 


You can then view all the details of all special offers   for a company or product type by clicking on it in the left-hand list. These are displayed in the right-hand part of the screen.N.B. The company name in the header block for each special offer is a link to the corresponding company factsheet, and the contract name is a link to the contract factsheet.

Showing special offers in research grids

You can also view special offers while conducting   research. The Features list for a product type always includes an entry for   “special offer”, as highlighted in the screenshot below.specialoffers1.png
Like any field in a research grid, you can filter on this   field by ticking the box next to it. This eliminates any contracts which   don’t currently have a special offer. (You can also mark special offers as   desirable in the ranking stage.)Alternatively, and again like any other field, you can add   the special offer field to the grid by clicking on its name. The result of   this is also illustrated by the screenshot, which highlights two contracts on   which a special offer is currently available. Clicking on a ‘Yes’ in the   special-offer column then displays the details of the offer in a pop-up   window.

Special offers in contract factsheets

Finally, contract factsheets also include the details of   any special offer which is available on the contract. If applicable, this information is always shown   immediately underneath the basic details of the contract as illustrated by   the screenshot below.