What are the differences between product-focused and client-focused research?

As described above, client-focused research is where you enter client details and (depending on the type of product) details of policy benefits/contributions. Product-focused research is where you simply skip this information, in order to carry out general research into the contracts available in the market.

If you do enter client and benefit details, the research information and process changes as follows:

  • Reports and suitability reports include the client information.
  • The list of available contracts is automatically filtered to exclude those which are ineligible – e.g. because the client is too young to take out the policy, or because the initial premium you have entered is below the minimum permitted.
  • The list of stats available on each contract is trimmed so that you only see the ones which are most applicable to the client. For example, on an investment bond you will only be shown the projected surrender values which are relevant to the investment amount you have entered.
  • In client-focused mode you cannot select contract features which are mutually exclusive – e.g. both a 13-week and 26-week deferred period.
  • Client-focused research can be file-checked by compliance officers remotely. They do not have access to product-focused research.