Webline Play - Income Protection Quotes

Webline Play is Synaptic’s new protection lead generation web app that sits within your website.

Webline Play allows your clients to generate quotes for the following products:

  • Level Term with Critical Illness 
  • Decreasing Term with Critical Illness
  • Income Protection

The process is simple, they start by selecting the product they would like to quote for:

After clicking 'Next', they will be taken to the 'Your Details' screen:

The next screen is their 'Cover Details'. They will need to enter the cover information before selecting 'Get Quote' to generate the quote:

The screenshot below is the 'Your Results' screen. This page summarises the client's personal details and the quote information they have completed on previous screens.

Directly below this is the call to action, where the client can call through to you to complete the quote.

The client is able to view the details of each product, the monthly cover, term, deferment period & premium type:

They are also able to view the Key Facts Document & Personalised Illustration against each product: