Do you have any browser hints and tips?

Security, privacy, and pop-up window settings

The Browser configuration section describes the browser settings which are required in order to be able to use Synaptic Research.


The best way of printing pages in the software is to use the “Save as PDF” option in the menu bar, and then print the resulting PDF – where available, this generates output which is specifically designed for print rather than for the screen.

However, you can also print pages in the normal way using the File, Print option in your web browser. Please note that – by default – browser software does not print background colours (i.e. shading in boxes etc.). You can turn this on in Internet Explorer by doing the following:

  • Click on Tools, Internet Options, and go to the advanced tab.
  • Scroll down the list of settings and turn on the option Print background colours and images.

Mac users

Mac users with single-button mice (or laptop trackpads) can use Ctrl+click wherever this help file refers to right-clicking on a link.