I can't log into Synaptic Product & Fund Research - Why?

Common issues which may occur when logging into Synaptic Product & Fund research Research:-

  • When clicking through to Synaptic Product and Fund Research through the synaptic suite, you receive a error:

           This indicates your username and/or password is incorrect within the Account Details tile, which can be found with the Synaptic            Suite> Product & Fund tab.

  • You have clicked into 'Research' or 'Research History' tile within the Product & Fund tab and it does not log you directly into the software, instead taking you to the logon screen below:

          You have not added your username and password into the 'Account Details' tile within the Synaptic Suite> Product & Fund.

  • You have forgotten your user name and/or password. Your firm’s Synaptic Administrator can reset your password for you. Alternatively, our Application Support team can also do this.
  • Please be aware that for security reasons you only get 3 attempts to enter these details. We recommend that on the first attempt, you check that the ‘NumLock’ light is on and the ‘Caps Lock’ light is off.
  • After 3 failed attempts the system will then lock your account for 5 minutes which cannot be overridden. You must wait the 5 minutes before you can attempt to logon again, if you keep attempting to logon during this period the system will reset to 30 minutes.