Why are some of the charges missing in the Costs & Charges tab?

If you notice values are zero within the Costs & Charges tab of an Ex-Post review, this could be related to  the product you have selected in the holding.

Synaptic Pathways allows you to add generic/custom holdings. If you have selected a custom provider & product, you will need to ensure the charge of the custom product are added to the holding before completing the review.

Here is an example of missing charge information in the Costs & Charges tab:

To add charge information, navigate to the holding:

Once within the holding, click into Settings

Here you can add a Product Charge


In some cases, when selecting a portfolio (an MPS portfolio for instance) the charges will not pull through for custom products.

In the example below, the Vanguard MPS portfolio has zero values pulled through due to the custom product. You will need to add the value of the fund charges to the headline product charge for calculations to be correct.