I get a warning message ‘no response’ on Webline – why is this?

Usually this error message occurs when your firm's agency codes have not been set up correctly. To check the agency code set up, you or the administrator should:

  • Logon to Webline
  • Click on the top navigation button "settings"
  • From the "vendor account" option select agency codes

The agency codes entered for this account will be shown.

These numbers are stamped onto any proposal form created by Webline, and used by providers to identify the source of the quote requests they receive. Not all providers use agency codes to identify users for quotes, some use your FRN Number and postcode in combination. Check that these are entered correctly.

Some providers will assign you with an Override FRN number which is used to identify you to their internal quote systems. If assigned, this number is shown, although only the provider can assign it. You should contact the provider in question if you have any issues with the information shown in the Override FRN number field.