Do I need to configure my browser to use Synaptic Research?

Synaptic Research should normally not require you to make any changes to your browser configuration. For example, it should be possible to go into pretty much any internet cafe, type in the software’s URL, and start using it.

There are no components which need to be downloaded – no ActiveX, Java, or .NET code. In other words, no “installation”.

In Internet Explorer, the Security level for the Internet zone, in Tools/Internet Options/Security, must be Medium or lower in IE6; Medium-High or lower in IE7 or IE8. The Privacy level (in Tools/Internet Options/Privacy) must be high or lower. See below for fine-tuning of these settings.

Synaptic Research uses pop-up windows (see below), but there shouldn’t normally be any need to change the settings for the pop-up blocker in your web browser.

Synaptic Research should work seamlessly through proxy servers and firewalls. If your computer can view other web sites (e.g. Google), but not Synaptic Research, then the most likely reason is that your IT department only allows access to a “white list” of permitted sites. Please ask them to add Synaptic Research to this list.

Fine-tuning of Internet Explorer settings

Synaptic Research requires the following Security setting in Internet Explorer to be enabled:

Scripting section

     Enable: Active scripting

In addition, in version 6 of Internet Explorer but not version 7, the following two settings also need to be enabled:

ActiveX controls and plugins section

     Enable: Run ActiveX controls and plugins

     Enable: Script ActiveX controls marked as safe for scripting

(Synaptic Research does not use ActiveX in the sense of controls which are displayed as part of a web page. The above settings need to be switched on in IE6 because – like Google Maps, Google Mail etc – Synaptic Research uses AJAX. Internet Explorer 6 implements this as an ActiveX library, and therefore sites which use AJAX need ActiveX handling turned on in Internet Explorer 6.)

In addition, Synaptic Research needs to be able to use session cookies. It does not require permanent cookies. Therefore, either the Privacy level can be set to High or lower, or the cookie handling can be manually set as follows using the advanced button:

First-party cookies:                      (doesn’t matter – set to any value)

Third-party cookies:                     (doesn’t matter – set to any value)

Always allow session cookies:        Yes

 Pop-up windows

Most modern browser software contains tools for blocking pop-up windows (in order to hide annoying advertising from you). Synaptic Research uses some pop-up windows in order to display progress bars, present you with options etc.

On some computers these pop-up windows may get blocked, and you may need to adjust your browser settings to see the information which Synaptic Research is trying to display. Your browser software will warn you when this is happening.

For example, in Internet Explorer you can use Tools/Internet Options/Privacy to view the settings for your pop-up blocker. The Settings button lets you modify the restrictions so that Synaptic Research’s pop-up windows are displayed.