How to edit your Account Details - Vendor Administrator Access

The initial registration provides a single user for your firm – this is your administrator account. An administrator may use the system like any other user, but they have additional privileges including the ability to create new users. So in a firm with several users, each should have their own identity set up on the system – there is no extra charge for this. The administrator should immediately ‘disable’ a user if, for example, they leave the firm.

When you initially log into Webline, the main menu bar will be available at the top of the screen. Once you move away from the homepage and access the different areas, the menu bar will display additional drop down menus giving you options based on the area you are in. The main menu will always be available from the top menu bar. This user guide will go through each of the areas in the menu bar.

NB: The firm is solely responsible for the administration and safe keeping of all user names and passwords.