Attitude to Risk (ATR)

The client’s attitude to risk can either be set manually or decided upon by completion of the questionnaire by clicking on the edit button next to the Attitude to Risk field.

If a questionnaire has already completed for a client, you can access the report using the report button:

   You also have the option to run a new questionnaire by selecting the edit tab and then ‘change’.

The client’s replies are captured using the dropdown options

On completion of all of the questions click next and this will calculate the clients ATR and present you with the description of the ATR to clarify with the client.

Should you wish not to fill out the questionnaire or override the calculated result you can do this by manually moving the slider on the left of the screen.

This will allow you to read through the descriptions of all the ATR levels to decide upon which is the most appropriate for the client. If you choose to manually enter the ATR you will be prompted to enter a reason why you have not used (or overridden) the questionnaire which will display on the report.