Requesting Quotes - Common Buttons

There are a number of buttons on the various quote screens which work in the same way on the different product types: 

Critical Illness cover is set to “No” by default - click “Yes” if Critical Illness cover is to be included as shown below.

Clicking the Choose… button allows you to select up to three CIC options from a selection menu.

Tick the required options. Click the “Apply” button to save the options and close this box. 

Up to three options can be selected.

The chosen options will then appear as shown below (Comprehensive, CIC Only and CIC&TPD Any have been selected in this example):

You may make further changes to these options by clicking “Choose…” again. 

Once all the fields on this page have been entered, use the next button at the bottom of the page or click on Results on the left hand menu.

On each Product page, there will be a Quick Commission button (in the bottom right corner).  This enables you to amend the percentage of commission that you want to include on the quotes.  This can be used to sacrifice commission.  Firstly, choose the Initial Type of commission that you will receive:

If this is being used, please ensure that any quotes printed from Webline are checked to ensure that this sacrifice has been taken into account, before being given to your client.

The following pages will show here the input screen for the product is different to the one shown above.