How do I save results from the fund picker and include it in reports?

The results of   the Fund Picker – i.e. your chosen selection of funds – must be saved using   the Save list button which is highlighted in the screenshot below. The   list of selected funds is then included in any suitability reports which you generate, providing documentation of the funds you are recommending.


This Save list   button is displayed only under the following conditions: You are looking   at the list of linked funds in the context of a piece of research. (In other   words, it is not displayed if you open a contract factsheet from the home   page, and then view the linked funds on the contract.)The contract in   question has already been marked as the selected contract for the piece of   research.
For example, the   button is displayed if you use the Fund picker from the report   selection screen, when you have selected a contract. This link is highlighted   in the screenshot below.