How is Synaptic Research beneficial to Product providers?

Synaptic Research gives product providers access to competitor-analysis and product-shaping information in a system which is fully functional, fast, and easy to use. No need to shunt data out into Excel for manual analysis or reporting – though an export function can be purchased.

All reports can be generated in PDF form for sharing with colleagues or publication on an intranet. Research can also be passed to other users electronically through the system.

Synaptic can supply providers with aggregated (anonymous) data on advisers’ usage of the system, providing a real-world insight into intermediary requirements and preferences. Synaptic Research contains Synaptic’s full data and full functionality and, therefore, the usage data from advisers is properly representative.

Finally, Synaptic Research is a purely online system, with no installation or special technical requirements. It fits perfectly onto the locked-down corporate IT desktop, and typically requires no action (or, indeed, authorisation) by the corporate IT team.

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