How do I filter on statistics within Product research?

The Stats tab lists a variety of statistics about contracts: financial strength, investment flexibility in terms of linked funds and sectors, plus own-charge and premium information about contracts (depending on the type of product). Examples of the latter include projected maturity and surrender values.

For each field you can enter a value, and choose whether to filter on equal to that exact value (=), at least that value (>=), or at most that value (<=).

In the example illustrated by the first screenshot below the list is being filtered so that it only includes contracts with an AKG financial strength rating of at least 4.

When performing research into some products (mostly price-led contracts such as term assurance, CIC etc.), Synaptic provides the valuable option of retrieving live quotations so that you can perform research using features AND pricing at the same time.  The data items are added to the grid, but they are also shown on the Stats tab, so that filtering can be applied.