Phased Drawdown Results

During the phased drawdown route the first set of results that will appear on screen are for the phased drawdown period only. Unlike the normal drawdown route where the PCLS or UFPLS needs to be chosen up front, with phased drawdown both are displayed on screen for the phased period. 

When first landing on the screen, the PCLS strategy is selected and the graphs below represent the PCLS strategy. Selecting the UFPLS strategy on this screen, this will update the graphs beneath it. 

The fund value is broken down into the level of Crystallised and Uncrystallised funds a client has remaining. 

This screen is the last time that any of the initial details can be changed for this scenario. After this point the scenario would have to be restarted if changes need to be made to any of the inputs. 

After deciding upon which strategy to use for the phased period, when selecting continue an action box will appear where the strategy for the remaining period will be selected. 

Once progressing from this selection, the investment strategies for both the phased period and remaining period will be locked in and will be unable to be changed.