Basic hints and tips

Six simple tips to help you navigate around Synaptic Research:

  1. The icon in the top left corner of each page always acts as a link back to the software’s home page (illustrated by 1 in the screenshot to the right).
  2. The most commonly-used actions on a page are always listed in the menu bar underneath the page’s title (illustrated by 2 in the screenshot to the right).
  3. You can use your web browsers Back, Forwards and Refresh buttons just as you would on any normal web site.
  4. You can add any page inside Synaptic Research to your web browser’s Favourites.
  5. You can hover the mouse pointer over buttons, links etc. to get a tooltip describing what they do.
  6. You can use the right mouse button on some links to get access to extra tools. The hover-over tooltip will tell you which links this applies to.