How do I change the title of research?

Each piece of research is automatically given a title, based on the product type and the client’s details (if any). You can change the title of the research to make it more memorable using the Change title link on the menu bar.

There are a number of scenarios where this is particularly useful:

  • You intend to use the research as a template for creating new research, using the Copy functionality, and want to make the title more memorable.
  • You have already used the Copy link to create a copy of existing research, and want to remove the “Copy of” text from the title of the new research.
  • You are creating shared research for other users to import.
  • You simply want the research to be easier to find in the recent tab of the home page.
  • You are creating multiple preset criteria for a type of product, and want to make it easier for advisers to distinguish between them.
  • You are using a Manual fund list as a form of model portfolio.