How do I start Product Focused Research?

Research can either be 'Product focused' or 'Client focused'. This article will explain how to start a piece of 'Product focused' research, sometimes known as generic research.

Please refer to 'How do I start client focused research?' for more information on client focused research.

Product focused research allows you to do general research into the features of all the contracts available on Synaptic. It is not taking into account any client or benefit requirements.

Product focused research is started by selecting the product type from the Homepage. In this example Personal Pension is being selected:

Selecting the product type will take you through to the client details screen:

Select Skip client entry to start the product focused research.

It will then list all of the contracts and the features available,

This type of research is automatically deleted after 30 days of being completed, unless the title of the research has been amended.  

This is the end of the article,