How do I start fund research?

You start fund research by choosing one of the types from the Fund Data section on the Investments tab of the Home page. The screenshot below shows this tab with the fund section highlighted.
 You then have the option of entering client details in the same way as for product research. You can skip the entry of client details if you don’t want   to link your research against a specific client. Clients can be reloaded if you have already entered their details etc. 

Research into the linked funds from a promoter 
When starting research into the linked funds from a single promoter, you start by finding the name of the promoter you want to research. This screen is illustrated by the screenshot below. (This is the only type of research where there is not an option for entering client details.)fundsbypromoter.png 
You simply enter the start of the name you are looking for, and the system lists matching promoters. In the example to the right, Synaptic Research is listing all promoters whose name starts with “fid”.You then start the research by clicking on the name of the promoter you want to research. 

Research into the linked funds on a contract 
You start research into the linked funds available on a contract by searching for the contract in question. This form occupies the top half of the screen illustrated by the screenshot below.fundsbycontract.png 

Just like when searching for contracts on the home page, you enter the start of one or more words to search for. In the example to the right, the text “Skandia inv bon” is matching against all Skandia’s investment bonds.When you have found the contract you want, you click on its name and then move on to the second half of the form.After choosing a contract you can then enter the details of one or more clients. If you don’t want to record client details against your research, you simply click on the Skip client entry button. 

Starting linked-fund research from contract details 
You can also start research into a contract’s funds from the screen showing the list of linked funds on a contract. As illustrated by the screenshot below, you click on the Fund Research link in the menu bar. This has the same effect as searching for the contract name manually as described above.