Why do one (or more) providers not return quotes for me on Webline?

Disabled provider

It may be possible that you have disabled the Provider from your Webline profile (using the Provider panel). In this instance, you can check if you have disabled a Provider by doing the following;

  • Log into Webline
  • Click on the top navigation button "settings"
  • Select the "provider panel" option, then click on the relevant product type
  • Confirm that the "yes" option is selected in the column headed "logged in" for B2B quotes and the column "Website" for B2B2C quotes (for each Provider). If not, click in the "yes" box.
  • Click "update" at the bottom of the screen to activate your changes.
Sub-agent of a network

If you are a sub-agent of a network, then it may be the network itself does not have an agency with the Provider, or it has disabled an existing agency. This may apply to "B2B" (logged in) and / or "B2B2C" (Website) quotes.

In this event, you should contact your network, and ask them to confirm that they have the Provider correctly enabled within the network's Webline profile.

Intermediary account not activated by a provider

Some Providers will not create quotes unless your intermediary account has been activated by that Provider to quote on Webline, either where the user logs on to Webline itself (B2B), or via the adviser’s own Website (B2B2C).

You will need to refer to the relevant Provider. If you don't know their contact details;

  • Log into Webline
  • Click on the top navigation button "info"
  • From the "help" navigation link click on "provider contacts"
  • Contact the relevant Provider/s and request to be activated for quoting on Webline

Alternatively, although the Provider is connected to Webline, they may not have all of their products available online yet.