Logging into Synaptic Analyser

Synaptic Analyser is a web-based system accessed from most devices that have an internet connection.

Access is via the Synaptic Software Limited website. Enter the following website into your internet browser: www.synaptic.co.uk, scroll down the screen until you find the ‘log in’ option. Click on Synaptic.

This will take you to the Synaptic login page as shown below.

You have three attempts to put your password in correctly. If, on the third attempt, the password is entered incorrectly, the system will lock and you will be unable to attempt a further log in for 30 minutes.

If you have completely forgotten your password and if you have a user license, speak to your administrator and they will be able to amend your password. If you use an administrator license, you will need to call the Support Desk on 0808 164 5463 Option 1 and request a password change.

Once a new password is issued, you will need to wait to until the end of the 30-minute lock out period before trying to log in again.