Ex-Post Reviews - Optimise

This article is a continuation of Ex-Post Reviews - Review Screen

The optimise button allows you to optimise multiple details.

Investment Details tab

  • Amend the term
  • Select Central Investment Proposition or Whole of Market 
  • Complete MiFID II Compliance information
  •  Choose a Risk Category

Contributions & Withdrawals

  • Add or Edit Contributions
  • Add or Edit Withdrawals

 Costs & Charges

  • Amend Adviser Fees
  • Amend Remaining Trades (Buy/Sell)

Optimise Portfolio

  • Review funds and current weightings to determine whether the portfolio should be updated.
  • Add and remove funds
  • Change weightings 
  • Rebalance
  • Select an alternative portfolio
  • Select Growth Rate for Next Period and Remainder of Term Forecast

Assets Under Management

  • Include Client and Family Assets
  • Add, Edit and Remove Platform assets under management

Click Optimise: