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Webline - Creating a personalised illustration
Personalised illustrations can only be created from a comparison quote. You can either create the personalised illustration at the same time as obtaining the comparison quote. Alternatively, you can retrieve a comparison quote at a later date ...
Why is a Provider in the results screen, but not appearing in the Comparison Report?
When creating an Income Protection quote, Comparison reports are created once for each selected deferment period. For e.g. If a provider returns one deferment period for 13 weeks and does not support the 1 day deferment, they will only show on the 1...
I get a warning message ‘no response’ on Webline – why is this?
How to check your agency code if Webline gives you a warning message 'no response'
Why does quote prices sometimes differ between Webline and providers?
When you first register with Webline, any quotations you request will, by default, be requested from the insurers with 100% commission (i.e. no commission sacrificed). It is possible to set the value of commission you would like from each product p...
Why certain providers do not return quotes?
How to check that providers and products are enabled in your panel
Why do one (or more) providers not return quotes for me on Webline?
How to check your Webline settings if there are no quote response
Can I quote joint life insurance on Webline, which pays out on second death?
You can quote on joint life on a last survivor basis for a whole of life policy. When you have filled in client A and client B details, you need to select the 'cover basis' to be 'joint last survivor' as shown in the screen shot belo...
When I click e-apply and buy now on Webline, I don’t get through to the providers website?
I cannot connect to a provider's extranet site to e-apply / buy now
Webline errors - something went wrong?
Sometimes, although very rarely, something can go wrong. If you get an error which you do not know what has caused it after checking yourprovider panel, agency codes or commission settings, gather as much details as you possibly can (including scree...
Why do I get "Agency number mismatch" on Webline?
How to fix 'agency number mismatch' on Webline
How do I e-apply through Webline?
This article will explain how you can apply electronically for new business from Webline using the Provider's extranets. Webline has direct links to the Provider's extranets, allowing you to complete the online application directly from the...
How do I apply for a product online with Webline
How to apply online on Webline
Where can I view the Critical Illness Coverage table?
To view the critical illness coverage table on Webline, navigate to ‘info’ on the top navigation bar and click on ‘Critical Illness Coverage Table’. This will open the table in a new tab.  Please note the table is inten...
Why do I get connectivity errors when trying to access Webline abroad?
Access to Webline is limited to certain countries only due to security reasons. We assess the global access gateway settings regularly and configure access from countries after they have been assessed to adhere to the security guidelines. You can se...
How do I quote Relevant Life policies only?
Webline offers business protection quotes which bring back results for Relevant Life policies if the search criteria is met. There is no specific option to select or filter results to display only Relevant Life policies but the quotes are returned f...
How do I update my Webline password in the Synaptic Suite?
To access Synaptic Webline through the Synaptic Suite, you will need to add your username and password with the Webline tab. Navigate to www.synaptic.co.uk . To logon onto the Synaptic Suite, click on the icon below: Enter your logon...